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A collection of UI widgets for RubyOnRails
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hidden show_link by default so that hide_box_for can be put outside o…

…f the hidden box (eg: expand/collapse buttons)
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generators changed extension to the tabnav and navigation generated partials
images - added first version of the tooltip widget
javascripts - added first version of the tooltip widget
tasks added rake task widgets:setup and fixed css generation problem in too…
test Updated ShowhideHelperTest to ActionView::TestCase
.gitignore minor improvement + made test run with rails 2.1
CHANGELOG Added CHANGELOG, remember to keep it updated!
Documentation.txt removed documentation, is now on the Github wiki
LICENSE added MIT license
README updated readme
Rakefile committata prima versione del nuovo tabnav
init.rb committata prima versione del nuovo tabnav
install.rb do not overwrite assets files if they exist
uninstall.rb committata prima versione del nuovo tabnav


Rails Widgets

Rails Widgets is a collection of UI Widgets for RubyOnRails (in form of ActionView helpers).
You can add tabbed navigations, progressbars, rounded boxes etc in a snap.
All the widgets generate and inline their own CSS. Once your page is up and running you can extract and customize them as you wish.

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