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AI Deadlines Build Status

Countdown timers to keep track of a bunch of CV/NLP/ML/RO conference deadlines.


Contributions are very welcome!

To keep things minimal, I'm only looking to list top-tier conferences in AI as per and my judgement calls. Please feel free to maintain a separate fork if you don't see your sub-field or conference of interest listed.

To add or update a deadline:

  • Fork the repository
  • Update _data/conferences.yml
  • Make sure it has the title, year, id, link, deadline, timezone, date, place, sub attributes
    • See available timezone strings here.
  • Optionally add a note and abstract_deadline in case the conference has a separate mandatory abstract deadline
  • Optionally add hindex (refers to h5-index from here)
  • Example:
    - title: BestConf
      year: 2022
      id: bestconf22  # title as lower case + last two digits of year
      full_name: Best Conference for Anything  # full conference name
      deadline: YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS
      abstract_deadline: YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS
      timezone: Asia/Seoul
      place: Incheon, South Korea
      date: September, 18-22, 2022
      start: YYYY-MM-DD
      end: YYYY-MM-DD
      hindex: 100.0
      sub: SP
      note: Important
  • Send a pull request

Forks & other useful listings


This project is licensed under MIT.

It uses: