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@irismoini irismoini released this 02 Jan 20:44
· 95 commits to v2 since this release

[2.11.0] - 2023-12-19


  • Dev
    • Log build phase times for dev builds Details
    • Progress messages for writing to cache Details
    • VSC Extension JSON schema Details
    • Print phase times on development builds Details
    • Publish bundle-stats-cli and parcel-query Details


  • Dev

    • Increase threshold for showing progress bar to 500k nodes Details
    • Fix parcel-query Details
    • FIX[dev-server]: Fix html file matching from URL Details
    • Fix parcel query's inspect cache Details
    • Bug fix for exiting early when identifying requestGraph in loadGraphs Details
    • Fix HMR on .localhost domains Details
    • Modify parcel query to not require all graphs on startup Details
    • Bug fix for async Parcel-query Details
    • Remove reliance on requestTracker in loadGraphs Details
  • Core

    • Reduce redundancy in the RequestGraph's Request, Env, and Option nodes Details
    • Move registerCoreWithSerializer to its own file Details
    • Filter --expose-gc and --max-semi-space-size execArgv Node args from workers Details
    • Optimize Symbol Propagation (propagateSymbolsUp) Details
    • Convert Request Graph node types + request node requestTypes to numbers Details
    • fsFixture: ignore empty lines in fixtures Details
    • Unstable File Invalidations Details
    • Configurable watch root Details
  • Resolver

    • Add ~ and / support to the glob resolver Details
  • JavaScript

    • Bump swc Details
    • Bumping lightningcss to 1.22.1 Details
    • Fix CI Details
    • Change inline-requires to only run when optimizing Details
    • Fix tsconfig extends from node_modules Details
    • Bump some deps Details
    • Bump swc and napi-rs Details
    • Fix references to Details
    • Fix build-ts step Details
    • Bump rimraf version to ^5.05 Details
    • Use centos image with newer Node 16 Details