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Know the performance impact of including an npm package in your app's bundle.


  • Works with ES6 packages
  • Can build css and scss packages as well (beta)
  • Reports historical trends
  • See package composition


Built using bundlephobia


Liked bundlephobia? Used it's API to build something cool? Let us know!

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1. Why does search for package X throw MissingDependencyError ?

This error is thrown if a package requires a dependency without adding it in its dependencies or peerDependencies list. In the absence of such a definition, we cannot reliably report the size of the package - since we cannot resolve any information about the package.

In such a case, it's best to report an issue with the package author asking the missing package to be added to its package.json

2. I see a BuildError for package X, but I'm not sure why.

You can see a detailed stack trace in your devtools console, and open an issue with the relevant details. Working on a more ideal solution for this.


See Contributing

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