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The React engine for Pattern Lab / Node

This is the very preliminary barely worth mentioning React engine for Patternlab/Node. It's more or less a proof of concept.


You can author standalone React components that include only the main React module, which I know isn't much yet. We're still working out how React components will resolve and load the modules they depend on, including other patterns. We believe this is tricky, but doable.

Supported features

Kind of nothing works yet. Very early in development.


  • *.jsx files are detected as patterns.
  • Standard pattern JSON is passed into React components as props.


  • Components are rendered statically to markup at build time using ReactDOMServer.renderToStaticMarkup(), but also transpiled and inlined as scripts in the pattern code to execute at runtime.
  • We currently assume the React include (and others, once we figure that out) are written using es2015 module syntax.
  • The Babel transforms are currently hard-coded into the engine, but we hope to make this configurable in the future.