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Pattern Lab Node Core 2.7.2

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Pattern Lab Node Core

This repository contains the core functionality for Pattern Lab Node. Pattern Lab Core is designed to be included as a dependency within Node Editions. If this looks REALLY DIFFERENT from what you expected, check out the ChangeLog.

Core Team


If you find yourself here and are looking to upgrade, check out how to upgrade from version to version of Pattern Lab Node here:

Command Line Interface

The rudimentary command line interface is documented in the wiki, and already implemented for you within Node Editions. A full-featured command line interface is in the works, courtesy of @raphaelokon.


If you'd like to contribute to Pattern Lab Node, please do so! There is always a lot of ground to cover and something for your wheelhouse.

No pull request is too small. Check out any up for grabs issues as a good way to get your feet wet, or add some more unit tests.


  1. Please keep your pull requests concise and limited to ONE substantive change at a time. This makes reviewing and testing so much easier.
  2. ALWAYS submit pull requests against the dev branch. If this does not occur, I will first, try to redirect you gently, second, port over your contribution manually if time allows, and/or third, close your pull request. If you have a major feature to stabilize over time, talk to @bmuenzenmeyer about making a dedicated feature-branch
  3. If you can, add some unit tests using the existing patterns in the ./test directory
  4. To help hack on core from an edition, read this wiki page

Coding style

Two files combine within the project to define and maintain our coding style.

  • The .editorconfig controls spaces / tabs within supported editors. Check out their site.
  • The .eslintrc defines our javascript standards. Some editors will evaluate this real-time - otherwise it's run using grunt|gulp build


The Pattern Lab Node team uses our channel, pattern-lab/node to keep in sync, share updates, and talk shop. Please stop by to say hello or as a first place to turn if stuck. Other channels in the Pattern Lab organization can be found on gitter too.