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The PHP version of Pattern Lab

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About Pattern Lab

The PHP version of Pattern Lab is, at its core, a static site generator. It combines platform-agnostic assets, like the Mustache-based patterns and the JavaScript-based viewer, with a PHP-based "builder" that transforms and dynamically builds the Pattern Lab site. By making it a static site generator, Pattern Lab strongly separates patterns, data, and presentation from build logic.


You can play with a demo of the front-end of Pattern Lab at

Getting Started

Working with Patterns

Patterns are the core element of Pattern Lab. Understanding how they work is the key to getting the most out of the system. Patterns use Mustache so please read Mustache's docs as well.

Creating & Working With Dynamic Data for a Pattern

The PHP version of Pattern Lab utilizes Mustache as the template language for patterns. In addition to allowing for the inclusion of one pattern within another it also gives pattern developers the ability to include variables. This means that attributes like image sources can be centralized in one file for easy modification across one or more patterns. The PHP version of Pattern Lab uses a JSON file, source/_data/data.json, to centralize many of these attributes.

Using Pattern Lab's Advanced Features

By default, the Pattern Lab assets can be manually generated and the Pattern Lab site manually refreshed but who wants to waste time doing that? Here are some ways that Pattern Lab can make your development workflow a little smoother:

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