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Questions can be asked and success stories can be shared via the Nightscout For Medtronic Facebook group

However please note that as we are currently in a Beta phase, support for the project is limited.

Please remember that all the support team are volunteers, have family members with Type 1 diabetes, need to work regular jobs, and don't all live in the same country/time-zone. We will do our best to respond to issues, but please be aware that at times little / no support may be available through the Facebook Group.

Thanks for waiting patiently

The 600 Series Nightscout Support Team

  • Lennart Goedhart (@pazaan)
  • Matt Guy (@LittleDMatt)
  • David Wright (@wright-david)
  • Tom Collins (@Bal00)
  • Johan Larsson (@FetBurgas)
  • Paweł Babańczyk (@githubadas) / FB: Pablo Ńczyk
  • Volker Richert (@volkerrichert)
  • Pogman/Stimpy (@pogman)

We would also like to acknowledge our own support team - our families

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