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Flappy MZ-800 for Android

Android remake of an old and famous game Flappy originally written for 8-bit Sharp MZ-800 computer (CPU Z80).
This source code is based on a Java remake of Flappy originally disassembled and rewritten from Z80 machine code by Petr Šlechta.


The game has been published into Google Play Store under the name Tlappy. Go ahead and install the game (Android device version 2.3.3 and above).

Differences from original

The code contains the original Flappy game with several improvements to reflect Android platform differences.
  1. Finger gestures simulate keyboard arrows (to move Flappy around)
  2. Finger tap simulates keyboard space bar (to throw a mushroom)
  3. Dedicated scene selector to skip scenes (requires password)
  4. Hi-score screen showing scores shared with other players
  5. Scene hints hosted in YouTube (recorded by Petr Diblík)

Code structure

The code is split into following modules:


For feedback or bug reports, please, contact Petr Panuška.
© 2016 Petr Panuška