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This is a frontend application designed to be a simple, functional and nice looking web player to be used with a Subsonic backend (tested with spl0k/supysonic and deluan/navidrome).


Live Demo: Subplayer at Netlify


  • Play and seek audio
  • View/create/edit playlists
  • Add/remove songs from Starred
  • Search artists/albums/songs
  • Browse your music by Artist, Albums and Genres (only compatible with v1.13.0)
  • Star/unstar albums
  • Scrobble
  • Add/Remove from queue
  • Theming

Building custom themes

By default, the only themes available are Blue, Orange, Green and Grey (all in light and dark mode). If you want to create your custom themes, you can edit /themes.config.js with your own object to change how Rsuite will look like. Each theme must be named starting with either "light" or "dark" to let the compiler know which settings to load.

To see the list of variables that you can define for customization, visit RSuite's documentation.

NOTE: the tool that Rsuite provides to create custom themes is not designed to work with create-react-app (which is how this project was built), so the implementation here is considered a hack and, as a result, it has (as far as I found) two downsides:

  1. you can't create a lot of themes as the compiler will run out of memory (that's why I only defined 4 colours by default) and
  2. on the first run, you will see a blank page. After reloading, the application will work as expected.


Running the source code

Clone the repository and run from the root folder:

$ yarn install
$ yarn start

Docker installation

To build the image yourself:

$ docker build . -t peguerosdc/subplayer

Or using the experimental buildx to build (and push) for multiple platforms:

$ docker buildx build --platform linux/arm64,linux/amd64 --push -t peguerosdc/subplayer .

To run the image:

$ docker run --name mysubplayer \
    -p 8000:80 \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    -d peguerosdc/subplayer

To stop:

$ docker stop mysubplayer


  • Implement CI to push Docker image automatically when merged to master
  • There are some TODOs in the unit tests, but most features are tested.
  • feature: Rearrange items in queue. I tried this with the current rsuite's Table but didn't like the final implementation. I am thinking in (someday) writing a new <SongsTable/> from scratch to add all the features I want.
  • Re-work MusicPlayer.
  • How to test components with hooks without 1) using mount and 2) re-doing all the unit tests with React Testing Library?


Any TODO item, any bug you find and want to fix, any architecture/performance/Docker improvements, any new feature you think would be cool to have is welcome :) Just keep in mind that this project is meant to be a lightweight application.

NOTE: if you want to add new features, please implement at least the basic unit tests you can think of. Pull-requests will not be merged without testing.



Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.