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YAML Test Framework Matrix

This matrix makes use of the YAML Test Suite and the YAML Editor.

Its output is currently saved in the gh-pages branch of yaml-test-suite.

It shows which frameworks pass which test cases:

Test ID Framework 1 Events FW2 Events FW1 JSON ...
229Q ok error ok diff
236B diff ok error ok
26DV diff ok n/a n/a

It only shows results of valid YAML files currently.

YAML Test Suite

The Test Suite is a collection of over 250 YAML test cases.

Every test case contains some of the following files:

  • in.yaml: The input YAML
  • test.event: Parser events in a specific format
  • in.json: The corresponding JSON that matches the loaded data structure
  • out.yaml, emit.yaml
  • error: Marks YAML files that are invalid

YAML Editor

The editor consists of code to create a Docker image that has currently 16 different YAML frameworks installed.

For each framework there exist scripts to output the yaml-test-suite parsing event format, the loaded data structure in native format and in JSON.

It also contains a script that will open Vim in the Docker container with some fancy mappings, so you can test YAML input for as manu frameworks at the same time.


Now the matrix takes all test cases from yaml-test-suite and runs them through the various frameworks in the yaml-editor Docker container.

It checks if the program died, or if the result matches the expected output. It does some transformations as not all frameworks support all features.

Adding frameworks

If you want to see a new framework in the matrix, it has to be added to the YAML Editor. Please create an issue or pull request there.