Comprehensive, language independent Test Suite for YAML
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YAML Test Suite - Comprehensive Test Suite for YAML


This test suite is composed of (what will eventually be) 100s of test directories that each represent a specific situation for a YAML processor. Each test directory contains a number of related files, that test suites can be made to use in interesting ways. For example:

  • Metadata about the test

    • Name (short phrase)

    • Tags

    • Description

  • Input YAML

  • Canonical Output YAML

  • Matching JSON

  • Token stream notation

  • Event stream notation

  • Error data

  • etc

Not every test dir will have the same elements. Since the tests are just data, it is up to the framework using the tests to decide which tests to use and how to use them.

The tests are currently written in TestML under the test directory on the master branch. The test data is split into the separate files structure, and kept on the data branch. This makes tests easier to groom.

To get a quick overview of the tests you can have a look at the YAML Test Matrix -

Updating Things

When test files change you need to update various artifacts. To do this, run the following commands:

make update # Updates tags and name artifacts make data-update # Updates the data branch (under ./data/)

You will need Bash, NodeJS and Perl for these things.