Writing an OS in Rust
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Blog OS

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This repository contains the source code for the Writing an OS in Rust series at os.phil-opp.com.


You need a nightly Rust compiler and the cargo-xbuild and bootimage tools. You can install the tools by executing the following command:

cargo install cargo-xbuild bootimage

Afterwards you can invoke bootimage build to produce a bootable disk image. Please file an issue if you run into any problems.

To run the image in QEMU, you can execute bootimage run. Note that you need to have QEMU installed.


The goal of this project is to provide step-by-step tutorials in individual blog posts. We currently have the following set of posts:

Bare Bones



First Edition Posts

The current version of the blog is already the second edition. The first edition is outdated and no longer maintained, but might still be useful. The posts of the first edition are:

Bare Bones

Memory Management


Additional Resources


The source code is dual-licensed under MIT or the Apache License (Version 2.0). This excludes the blog directory.