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You will find lot of benchmarks for PHP frameworks and template engines on

Benchmarks results are available for Apache Bench and Siege, and PHP 5.6 to 7.3.

Our benchmarking protocol is available on benchmarking protocol page.

What is this repository?

It contains Symlex installation only. To reuse code between minor versions, features for benchmarks are not coded in this repository but in phpbenchmarks/symlex-common repository.

Switch branch to select version and benchmark you want to see.


You can find Symlex 4.2 benchmarks results on benchmarks results page.

See all Symlex benchmarked versions on select version page.


Go to community page to see the Hall of fame, or download the benchmark kit to add your code!

How version works?

We do not follow semantic version for this repository. Here is an explanation about our versioning system:

W Benchmarked framework major version

X Benchmarked framework minor version

Y Benchmarked framework bugfix version

Z Benchmark type: 1 Hello World, 3 REST API