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plotext plots directly on terminal, it has no dependencies and the syntax is very similar to matplotlib. It also provide a simple command line tool.

Here is an example of what you could output with plotext: example

Follow this menu for details on how to actually use this package.

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How to Installx

To install the latest version of plotext you could use:

pip install plotext --upgrade

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Main Updates:

Note: there are many new features from the previous version, any bug report is useful and very welcomed.

  • entire code re-written
  • faster plotting
  • higher resolution 3 x 2 unicode mosaics markers (not available in windows)
  • new color codes which include 256 color codes and full RGB colors
  • multiple and stacked bar charts
  • datetime plot and scatter functions
  • datetime class added to better handle datetime object of most types
  • matrix plot
  • image plot
  • save plots also in color in html
  • file class added to better handle files and file paths
  • data can also be plotted on the upper x axis
  • unittest file added
  • xside and yside parameters introduced for many functions
  • columns and rows span in subplots matrix
  • more clear functions added
  • option to limit or not the plot dimensions in both directions
  • bar chart log scale solved on both axes
  • bar chart 0 value issue solved
  • legend extra character to identify on which axes each data is plotted
  • time() function added to check plotting computational time
  • xfreq() is now xfrequency(), yfreq() is yfrequency()
  • doc class added to easily access all functions doc-strings
  • get_canvas() is not build()

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Future Plans

By request:

  • mosaic markers available on windows (not sure how)
  • remove grid span areas intersection problems
  • bar alignment
  • finance function
  • text widget to add labels to plot (not as easy as it sounds)
  • using numpy to handle the matrix of characters and colors (not sure if it will make a difference)
  • title styles
  • clear only printed lines done properly
  • hist plot log scale on y axes
  • hd and fhd label ticks that adapts to plot or scatter function

Any help or new ideas are welcomed.

Credits and Sources of Inspiration

  • user jtplaarj for the great ideas and codes regarding multiple and stacked bar plots [Issue #48]
  • user ethack for requiring log scale on bar plot [Issue #37]
  • user gregwa1953 for inspiring plt.limit_size() [Issue #33]
  • user rbanffy for suggestion of using 3 x 2 unicode mosaic box characters [Issue #29].
  • user henryiii for unittest suggestion [Issue #32]
  • user whisller and willmcgugan for integration with Rich package [Issue #26]
  • user garid3000 for the idea of a function that returns the plot canvas [Issue #20]
  • user robintw and Sauci for horizontal bar plot idea and code, respectively [Issue #16]
  • user Zaneo for multiple data set idea [Issue #13]
  • user Zaneo for double axes idea [Issue #12]
  • users geoffrey-eisenbarth and matthewhanson for requesting datetime support [Issue #7]
  • user kris927b for requesting histogram plot [Issue #6]

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