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What is Freestyle Libre Alarm?

The purpose of Freestyle Libre Alarm is to provide an alarm when blood glucose is too low or high.

The Libre sensor does record blood glucose values. But, it does not actively let you know if your blood glucose is low or high. You only learn this when you scan with the reader. This is typically at intervals of several hours. This may be too late, for example-

  • A low blood glucose may occur during the night. Nobody can scan while they are asleep.
  • A child can forget to scan when they are busy playing.

The goal of Freestyle Libre Alarm is to let you know immediately.

See Libre Alarm Community Forum

How does it work ?

A SmartWatch reads the blood glucose values from the sensor. When values are outside the desired range, an alarm sounds.

The watch is controlled by an Android phone. Note that the system does keep working when the phone is not present. That is- SmartWatch keeps reading (and can sound an alarm it needed) while the phone is switched off, or at some distance. You can read blood glucose values on the phone. If you wish, the data can be sent to NightScout.

How to set it up ?

1, Get a Sony Smartwatch 3

2, Enable NFC: instructions

3, Become a beta tester: instructions

4, Use Play Google on your phone and search for "Libre Alarm"

More technical points

Watch should have ‘Cinema mode’ ON and ‘notifications’ OFF.

The Watch must set on top of the sensor see forum post

It's good to have some tape or something over the display to prevent touching. Also make sure the watch doesn't move around.

To improve battery life, See forum post

Known issues

(true?) Does not like the phone allowing ‘screen rotation’ forum post

If LibreAlarm keeps loosing the connection to the smartwatch, check this out.

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