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icl - interactive command library

icl is a user-friendly, interactive cheat sheet for your UNIX terminal.

Have your favorite one-liners allways at your fingertips.



One line installation is provided for convenience, but you are encouraged to read the installation scripts.

Fish shell

curl -sSL | /bin/sh

Reload your fish config or start a new shell.

Note: If you are still using fish 2, you need to define the keybinding to ''f_run_icl'' yourself.

Z shell

curl -sSL | /bin/sh

reload zsh config or relaunch zsh.


curl -sSL | /bin/sh

Bash doesn't lend itself to the same level of interactivity and configurability as fish or zsh.

The command below will install a function to launch icl by pressing Ctrl+t, on your .bashrc . The chosen command is placed in your input bugger but it is also printed to stdout. This works but it is somewhat anoying. If you are bash user, this is good time to switch to fish.

Manual Installation

icl command is just a single python script with no dependencies on third party modules. By itself, it just launches the interactive search UI and, once you pick a command by pressing enter, will send it to SDOUT. This is not too useful. For a streamlined experience, install the helper functions for your shell and bind them to shortcut. They will launch icl on a keybind and, once you pick the command, place it in your input buffer. Check, and for ready to use helper functions and keybinding definitions.

  1. Download, set the execution bit and place it somewhere on your $PATH.

  2. Install the helper functions and keybinds for your shell.


Just press Ctrl+t and start typing.

Pick the command you want by pressing enter. To abort press Ctrl+C

Add commands to your cheat sheet

Commmands are stored in ~/.config/icl/commands.txt

You can edit that file and add your favorite oneliners.

The format is self explanatory:

# description lines starts with '#', the command follows in the next line

# This line is here just to hold a brief command description
echo "This sample command echoes this!" 

# List all processes
ps aux

Change the keybind

If you installed icl with the one line snippets provided above. The keybind is defined in ~/.config/fish/ , ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc depending on which shell you are using. Look for one of the following commands and replace ctrl+t with another keybind on your preference.

# fish
bind \ct f_run_icl

# zsh
bindkey ^t w_run_icl

# Bash
bind '"\C-t":"f_run_icl\n"'

Bonus: icl as a TLDR client

The file tldr.txt includes all commands scrapped from tldr repository. If you want to be able to access them using icl, simply place them in your commands.txt. You can do so by running the following command.

curl >> ~/.config/icl/commands.txt


  • accept an url as parameter to load an online library
  • include cheat and eg
  • integrate client to bropages
  • Improve TLDR scraper, get ridd of curly brackets around paremeters.