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@etpinard etpinard released this Jan 22, 2019 · 808 commits to master since this release


  • Add isosurface gl3d trace type [#3438]
  • Add support for transitions from Plotly.react via new layout
    transition attribute [#3217]
  • Add meta layout attribute, intended for making references
    to strings in text templates [#3439]
  • Add support for line.color colorbars for scatter3d traces [#3384]
  • Add support for hovertemplate on scatterpolar, scatterpolargl,
    scatterternary, barpolar, choropleth, scattergeo and
    scattermapbox trace [#3398, #3436]
  • Add width attribute to box and violin traces [#3234]
  • Add support for <sup>, <sup>, <b>, <i> and <em> pseudo-html
    tags in extra (aka trace "name") hover labels [#3443]
  • Add support for div id as 1st arg to Plotly.makeTemplate [#3375]
  • Add config option in plot-schema JSON output [#3376]


  • Config option scrollZoom is now a flaglist (instead of a boolean),
    each flag corresponding to subplot types where scroll is to be enabled [#3422]
  • Use glslify@7.0.0 across all our dependencies [#3421]


  • Fix error_(x|y|z) color attribute inheritance [#3408]
  • Fix scrollZoom: false config behavior for geo, gl3d and mapbox subplots [#3422]
  • Fix cartesian scroll zoom when responsive config option is turned on [#3424]
  • Fix cartesian scroll zoom when the page where the graph is embedded is scrollable [#3424]
  • Fix box / violin autorange edge cases [#3234]
  • Fix box / violin points hover labels on numeric positions [#3441, #3458]
  • Fix box / violin grouping algorithm for subplots with as many distinct positions
    as the number of traces [#3445]
  • Fix bar autorange calculations for trace with base above zero [#3452]
  • Fix bar + errorbar autorange calculations [#3452]
  • Fix lightposition behavior for mesh3d traces [#3415]
  • Fix legend valign behavior for pie traces [#3435]
  • Fix wrapped horizontal legends height edge cases [#3446]
  • Fix hover label alignment for hover labels with multi-line extra (aka trace "name") labels [#3443]
  • Fix cartesian axis domain lower limit [#3404]
  • Fix dynamic imports of lib/ trace modules [#3448]
  • Fix scl and reversescl backward-compatible logic [#3423]
  • Fix range slider borderwidth attribute description [#3453]
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