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Open source podcast app. Available for iOS, Android, F-Droid, and web. #FOSS #AGPLv3

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  1. Podverse mobile app written in React Native for iOS, Android, and F-Droid

    TypeScript 110 22

  2. Clone of the podverse-rn repo, with changes made for F-Droid compatibility

    TypeScript 74 2

  3. Podverse web app written with React and Next.js

    TypeScript 50 20

  4. Data API, database migration scripts, and backend services for all Podverse apps

    TypeScript 18 9

  5. podverse-ios Public archive

    Podcast subscribing and clip sharing mobile app.

    Swift 13 2

  6. Forked from jbierfeldt/podcast-feed-parser

    A highly customizable package for fetching and parsing podcast feeds into simple and manageable JavaScript objects. For use with node or in the browser.

    JavaScript 8 3






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