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PostCSS for React Inline Styles, Radium, JSS and other CSS-in-JS.

For example, to use Stylelint, RTLCSS or postcss-write-svg plugins in your workflow.

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const postcssJs = require('postcss-js')
const autoprefixer = require('autoprefixer')

const prefixer = postcssJs.sync([ autoprefixer ])

const style = prefixer({
  userSelect: 'none'

style //=> {
      //     WebkitUserSelect: 'none',
      //        MozUserSelect: 'none',
      //         msUserSelect: 'none',
      //           userSelect: 'none'
      //   }

Compile CSS-in-JS to CSS

const postcss = require('postcss')
const postcssJs = require('postcss-js')

const style = {
  top: 10,
  '&:hover': {
    top: 5

postcss().process(style, { parser: postcssJs }).then( (result) => {
  result.css //=> top: 10px;
             //   &:hover { top: 5px; }

Compile CSS to CSS-in-JS

const postcss = require('postcss')
const postcssJs = require('postcss-js')

const css  = '--text-color: #DD3A0A; @media screen { z-index: 1; color: var(--text-color) }'
const root = postcss.parse(css)

postcssJs.objectify(root) //=> {
                          //     '--text-color': '#DD3A0A',
                          //     '@media screen': {
                          //       zIndex: '1',
                          //       color: 'var(--text-color)'
                          //     }
                          //   }


sync(plugins): function

Create PostCSS processor with simple API, but with only sync PostCSS plugins support.

Processor is just a function, which takes one style object and return other.

async(plugins): function

Same as sync, but also support async plugins.

Returned processor will return Promise.

parse(obj): Root

Parse CSS-in-JS style object to PostCSS Root instance.

It converts numbers to pixels and parses [Free Style] like selectors and at-rules:

    '@media screen': {
        '&:hover': {
            top: 10

This methods use Custom Syntax name convention, so you can use it like this:

postcss().process(obj, { parser: postcssJs })

objectify(root): object

Convert PostCSS Root instance to CSS-in-JS style object.


Webpack may need some extra config for some PostCSS plugins.

Module parse failed

Autoprefixer and some other plugins need a json-loader to import data.

So, please install this loader and add to webpack config:

loaders: [
    test: /\.json$/,
    loader: "json-loader"


PostCSS for React Inline Styles, Free Style and other CSS-in-JS



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