PredictHQ API Client for Python
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PredictHQ API Client for Python

PredictHQ combines real-world events into one global source of truth to help businesses better understand demand, and plan for the future.


pip install predicthq


from predicthq import Client

phq = Client(access_token="$ACCESS_TOKEN")

# the search() method returns an EventResultSet which allows you to iterate over the 1st page of items
for event in"Foo Fighters", rank_level=[4, 5], place={"scope": ["5391959", "5368361"]}):
    print(event.rank, event.category, event.title, event.start.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))

# if you want to iterate over all the results for your query, you can chain the iter_all() generator
for event in"matisse", country="FR").iter_all():
    print(event.rank, event.category, event.title, event.start.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))

# you can skip results with the offset parameter and limit the number of results with the limit parameter
# the following skips the first 10 results and limits the results to 5 items
for event in"matisse", country="FR", offset=10, limit=5):
    print(event.rank, event.category, event.title, event.start.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))


  • Client.oauth2
  • Client.accounts
  • Client.signals
  • Client.places

For a description of all available endpoints, refer to our API Documentation.

Running Tests

pip install tox

Found a Bug?

Please log an issue.