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IO: Implement Raspbian-only method for setting pull{up,down} resistors
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This is the official source code for the Processing Development Environment (PDE), the “core” and the libraries that are included with the download.

I've found a bug! Let us know here (after first checking if someone has already posted a similar problem). If it's a documentation, web site, or examples problem, take that up with folks here. There are also separate locations for Android Mode, or the Video and Sound libraries. The processing.js project is not affiliated with us, but you can find their issue tracker here.

That processing-bugs fella is a damn liar. The issues list has been imported from Google Code, so there are many spurious references amongst them since the numbering changed. Basically, any time you see references to changes made by processing-bugs, it may be somewhat suspect. Over time this will clean itself up as bugs are fixed and new issues are added from within Github. Help speed this process along by helping us!

Please help. The instructions for building the source are here. Please help us fix problems, and if you're submitting code, following the style guidelines helps save us a lot of time.

And finally... Someday we'll also fix all these bugs, throw together hundreds of unit tests, and get rich off all this stuff that we're giving away for free. But not today.

So in the meantime, I ask for your patience, participation, and patches.

Ben Fry, 6 August 2015