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FAQ and Technical Information

Changes in 3.0: A list of changes in Processing 3.0

Common Errors: Frequent error messages explained

Troubleshooting: Having a problem? Check here.

Advanced OpenGL: How to use low-level OpenGL functions in Processing, and other advanced topics.

Supported Platforms: Notes from the PRTAQAC

Command Line: Command line support notes

Export Info and Tips: Application export and present mode

Window Size and Full Screen: Resizing, full screen, multiple monitors

Changes: Differences between 1.x versus 2.x


Report Bugs: Please let us know if something isn't working

Build Instructions: How to build Processing on your favorite platform

Style Guidelines: Code style guidelines, rules, and occasionally explanations

Repositories: Explaining how and why the Processing source is spread across several repositories

Library Overview: How to create a Processing library

Tool Overview: Let me introduce you to your new best friend: Tools

  • Tool Basics: If I had a hammer, I'd hammer this code
  • Tool Guidelines: When hanging out with the band, some things to keep in mind

Examples Overview: How to create an Examples package for the Contribution Manager

Project List: List of work to be done, and how you can help