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Report Bugs

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If you spot a problem with Processing, please let us know. Follow the steps below to increase the chances of a quick resolution. (Our contributors are almost entirely volunteers. Help us help you!)

1. Is it a problem or a question?

For questions about how to use Processing, please post to

Problems (not questions!) with the software or website can be reported as GitHub issues. Problems include:

  • bugs (or probable bugs) with the Processing software
  • typos or other mistakes in the Reference or elsewhere on the website

If you create a new issue that’s really just a clarifying question about how to use Processing, we’ll close it and nicely ask you to visit the forum. Ideas or suggestions for enhancements should be posted on the forum. When in doubt, start by posting on the forum.

Did I mention the forum?

2. Choose where to report the issue.

The Processing source is spread across several repositories; choose the most appropriate place to report the issue, so we don’t have to ask you (nicely) to move it later.



  • the Processing software itself, including:
    • the Processing language (API)
    • the Processing IDE (for Mac, Windows, or Linux)
    • any Processing renderers


  • the built-in Video library


  • the built-in Sound library


  • the Android mode


  • the template for building and generating Processing libraries


  • the code that powers the aforementioned forum


  • the Python mode


If none of the above feel like a great fit, explore the full list of repositories and find a better place.

Make sure the problem has to do with Processing and not one of the many third-party contributions, such as libraries, modes, tools, or examples.

3. Write helpfully.

To write an effective issue report:

  • Be precise
  • Be clear
  • Explain the steps required to reproduce the bug
  • Cite your OS and version, and which version of Processing you’re using
  • If reporting an issue on the website, include the URL where the problem is
  • Screenshots are super helpful! They let us see what you see. You can drag images directly onto the issue text to upload them.
  • Errors are super helpful! (Sometimes.) Copy and paste any errors into the issue.
  • Include only one bug per report
  • Separate fact from speculation

No bug is too trivial to report, as small bugs may hide big bugs.

Please do not report bugs on the forum; they will be deleted.

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