Put a PyPI package name in, get a Nix expression out.
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Put a PyPI package name in, get a Nix expression out to add to nixpkgs or your private build scripts.

Quick start

  • Choose your favorite package from PyPI (like https://pypi.python.org/pypi/thumbor)
  • Feed its name to python2nix: python -mpython2nix thumbor
  • Use code from stdout as the base for Nix expression (it may need manual tweaks).
nix-shell -p pythonPackages.virtualenv
virtualenv env
env/bin/pip install -r pip.requirements
mkdir -p env/build
env/bin/python -mpython2nix thumbor | tee thumbor.nix

Known issues

  • You will need to convert md5 to sha256 manually.
  • Tested only with pip==1.5.6.
  • May ignore lots of the metadata (e.g. doesn't handle tests_require).


You may also like

  • pypi2nix -- seems to just work these days
  • @tailhook's reqtxt2nix which lets you produce build environments (put your requirements.txt in, get a myEnvFun out)