Pro Git 2nd Edition
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Pro Git, Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Pro Git book.

You can find this book online at:

Like the first edition, the second edition of Pro Git is open source under a Creative Commons license.

A couple of things have changed since open sourcing the first edition. For one, we’ve moved from Markdown to the amazing Asciidoc format for the text of the book. We’ve also moved to using O’Reilly’s Atlas platform for generating continuous builds of the book so all major formats are always available in every language.

We’ve also moved to keeping the translations in separate repositories rather than subdirectories of the English repository. See the Contributing document for more information.

How To Generate the Book

There are two ways to generate e-book content from this source code.

The easiest way is simply to let us do it. A robot is standing by to look for new work on the main branch and automatically build it for everyone.

You can find the current builds on and more information about the builds available at

The other way to generate e-book files is to do so manually with Asciidoctor. If you run the following you may actually get HTML, Epub, Mobi and PDF output files:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rake book:build
Converting to HTML...
 -- HTML output at progit.html
Converting to EPub...
 -- Epub output at progit.epub
Converting to Mobi (kf8)...
 -- Mobi output at
Converting to PDF...
 -- PDF  output at progit.pdf

This uses the asciidoctor, asciidoctor-pdf and asciidoctor-epub projects.

Signaling an Issue

Before signaling an issue, please check that there isn’t already a similar one in the bug tracking system.

Also, if this issue has been spotted on the site, please cross-check that it is still present in the pdf version. The issue may have already been corrected, but the changes have not been deployed yet.


If you’d like to help out by making a change or contributing a translation, take a look at the contributor’s guide.