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Neutral Political Policy

Adam Crymble edited this page Aug 16, 2018 · 1 revision

The Programming Historian is an international publication and welcomes readers and contributors with a wide range of political, cultural, and religious views. While the members of our editorial board are undoubtedly passionate about a range of issues, the Programming Historian and the Editorial Board remain a-political with regards to party politics, elections, referendums, and matters of international relations. This extends to but is not limited to blog posts on the Programming Historian blog, and any social media outlets maintained by or on behalf of the Programming Historian.

Editors are free to express their own views, but should do so in a manner that makes it clear that they speak on behalf of themselves and not the Project or its Editors.

Authors, reviewers, and editors are encouraged to familiarise themselves with our "Writing for a Global Audience" guidelines on the Author Guideline page on the main website for more details on our global agenda:

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