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mdlincoln Retire SPARQL lesson (#1541)
* move en SPARQL lesson to retirement

* add retirement reason to en SPARQL lesson

* move es SPARQL lesson to retirement

* add untranslated es SPARQL retirement reason

* use correct retirement-reason yaml formatting

* Update

Translated "retirement-reason" to Spanish
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This is the main repository for the Programming Historian (, where we keep the files for the live website.

For tutorials in submission, please see: Programming Historian Submissions.

If you have suggestions for the site or project, please click on the Issues Tab above, and click New Issue to describe your idea. Please note this will be public. If you would like to correspond with us privately, please contact Anandi Silva Knuppel.

If you would like to contribute to the project, you can find detailed instructions for authors, reviewers, and editors on the contributions page of the website.

For technical contributions to the project or to read about our policies for new language sub teams interested in creating a translation, please read our Project Wiki.

Our technical manager is Matthew Lincoln (@mdlincoln).

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