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Project Fluent

This is a collection of Python packages to use the Fluent localization system.

python-fluent consists of these packages:


The syntax package includes the parser, serializer, and traversal utilities like Visitor and Transformer. You’re looking for this package if you work on tooling for Fluent in Python.


The runtime package includes the library required to use Fluent to localize your Python application. It comes with a Localization class to use, based on an implementation of FluentBundle. It uses the tooling parser above to read Fluent files.


A plugin for pygments to add syntax highlighting to Sphinx.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on Project Fluent! Whether you’re a localizer looking for a better way to express yourself in your language, or a developer trying to make your app localizable and multilingual, or a hacker looking for a project to contribute to, please do get in touch on the mailing list and the IRC channel.

Get Involved

python-fluent is open-source, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. We encourage everyone to take a look at our code and we’ll listen to your feedback.