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PureScript API

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Very basic web service which wraps the PureScript compiler.

Client code


Compile PureScript code

POST /compile

  • Request body: PureScript code
  • Response body: Either { js: "..." } or { error: "..." }
  • Status code: 200 (success)

The response does not use error codes, to make it easier to use the API from another domain using CORS.

The output code will contain references to preloaded modules using require calls. To run these files in the browser, it is necessary to either use a require shim (such as require1k), or replace these calls and deploy a bundle of precompiled modules (the Try PureScript client uses the second approach).


The application takes three arguments on the command line:

  • externs path
  • externs config file
  • port number

Externs Path

This directory should contain externs files for all modules which should be precompiled on startup. The name of each file in the directory should be Module.Name.json.

Externs Config File

An example file is provided in conf/core.conf. A config file consists of a list of module names, one per line, topologically sorted by module dependencies and including all trasitive dependencies. The easist way to create this file is to copy the output of psc after a fresh compile.


dist/build/trypurescript/trypurescript externs/ conf/core.conf 8081