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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 15, 2022. It is now read-only.
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Docker image for building PyPy manylinux wheels


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manylinux for PyPy - archived


This repo is archived. Please use the official manylinux_ images instead

Older info

Docker image for building PyPy manylinux wheels.

This image extends the official manylinux image by installing PyPy. For now, the only supported platform is x86_64.

At the moment of writing, this image provide the following versions of PyPy:

  • PyPy2.7 7.3.4
  • PyPy3.7 7.3.4
  • PyPy3.6 7.3.3
  • PyPy2.7 7.2.0
  • PyPy3.6 7.2.0

Live example

pypy-manylinux-demo is an example project which demonstrate how to build CPython and PyPy wheels using Travis CI and this image. It is a fork of the official python-manylinux-demo, and shows that building wheels for PyPy is as easy as changing the image name!

How to run PyPy

The various PyPy versions are installed inside /opt/pypy/, and they are also symlinked to /opt/python. Moreover, each installation of PyPy contains also a python symlink.

All the following commands are equivalent and run the PyPy 2.7, version 7.3.4. You can use whatever fits best in your build system:

  • /opt/pypy/pypy2.7-7.3.4/bin/pypy
  • /opt/pypy/pypy2.7-7.3.4/bin/python
  • /opt/python/pp27-pypy_73/bin/pypy
  • /opt/python/pp27-pypy_73/bin/python

Similarly, these are the commands to run PyPy 3.7, version 7.3.4:

  • /opt/pypy/pypy3.7-7.3.4/bin/pypy
  • /opt/pypy/pypy3.7-7.3.4/bin/python
  • /opt/python/pp37-pypy37_pp73/bin/pypy
  • /opt/python/pp37-pypy37_pp73/bin/python

The paths for PyPy 7.3.3 Python 3.6 are completely analogous to the ones for 3.7.

PEP 425 Compatibility tags

pp27-pypy_73 and pp36-pypy36_pp73 are the PEP 425 compliant compatibility tag. In particular:

  • pp stands for PyPy (as opposed to cp which is CPython)
  • 27 and 37 mean "Python 2.7|3.7"
  • pypy_73 and pypy37_pp73 (or before PyPy 7.3.0, pypy_41 and pypy3_71) are the binary ABI tags for the relevant version of PyPy. You can probably ignore them.

Before pip 20 and wheel 0.34, tags looked like pp273-pypy_73 or pp373-pypy36_pp73, where 273 and 373 mean "Python [2|3]", "PyPy 7.3.x". Pre-7.3.0 versions of PyPy do not support pip>=20, and thus still rely on these old PyPy PEP 425 tags.