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Do you know anything that can help all to easy our tough life than tell that secret to us and help us to become lazy like Panda

You can check current scripts of this REPO here



How to start

  • Well it's quite simple just thought of any Idea that can be automated
  • Equip your weapon, I mean Python and required libraries 😂
  • That's all you need 😋

Hacktoberfest 2021 Update

  • Scripts so far - 229

See full details and guidelines on

Updates 2020:

  1. Thanks for all contributors my panda stopped cycling now 🛴
  2. Cheers to all, our panda removed exercise from daily schedule 🤸‍♂️
  3. Moving forward we achieve our next goal, now our panda doesn't play any outdoor game anymore 🏌️‍♂️
  4. Goals of 2020 completed, Panda now hired a maid to clean his house :)

Updates 2021

  1. Thanks to all of you peeps, panda have it's own bike 😎
  2. Panda is using Amazon to buy almost every thing
  3. The food is now delivered to the panda's desk, cheers

Updates 2022

And it's okay if you're not aware of process. Kindly raise query by creating pull request (In query template). Here is the link for that how to create a pull request in other's Repo

How to create pull request

These are my Lazy Panda Goals

  • Goal 25 - Panda stopped Cycling
  • Goal 50 - Panda stopped doing Exercise
  • Goal 75 - Panda stopped Playing outdoor games
  • Goal 100 - Panda hired someone for cleaning house

  • Goal 125 - Panda have it's own vehicle to travel
  • Goal 150 - Panda have enough support now, so he started eating food outside
  • Goal 175 - On the way, Panda decide to bathe alternatively 😂
  • Goal 200 - Moving ahead, Panda is now using online ecom platform to buy things
  • Goal 225 - Panda now lazy enough to order the food instead of going outside

Leave a star => Contribution in arranging Food for panda 😴

How to Contribute 🤔

You can contribute by adding new scripts, improving current scripts or Documentation. Here are some Instructions before making a Pull Request

Here are the steps to Make contribute 👣

  • Take a look at Contributing Guide (Necessary)
  • Create an issue for making any change to code. when issue will be approve you can make a change.
  • Pull latest change from upstream branch before starting the changing code.
  • Add your file in proper folder(lowercase) with in it. Add requirements.txt if needed.
  • Please use flake8 linting in your code (See below to check flake8 linting)

How to check flake8 linting

  • Option 1: Set up locally, Download flake8 linter and check (as shown in figure below) carbon (1)
  • Option 2: Go to PEP8 online , paste your code and check the format it correctly

It's better to go with option 2 always

Typo fixed/ minor change in docs not marked as contribution. If you're not aware of process kindly raise a query in formal manner :)

Wonderful Contributors

Thanks goes to these wonderful people 😊