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tappy is a set of tools for working with the Test Anything Protocol (TAP) in Python. TAP is a line based test protocol for recording test data in a standard way.

Full documentation for tappy is at Read the Docs. The information below provides a synopsis of what tappy supplies.

For the curious: tappy sounds like "happy."

If you find tappy useful, please consider starring the repository to show a kindness and help others discover something valuable. Thanks!


tappy is available for download from PyPI. tappy is currently supported on Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and PyPy. It is continuously tested on Linux, OS X, and Windows.

$ pip install

For testing with pytest, you only need to install pytest-tap.

$ pip install pytest-tap

For testing with nose, you only need to install nose-tap.

$ pip install nose-tap

TAP version 13 brings support for YAML blocks associated with test results. To work with version 13, install the optional dependencies. Learn more about YAML support in the TAP version 13 section.

$ pip install[yaml]


Some projects have mixed programming environments with many programming languages and tools. Because of TAP's simplicity, it can function as a lingua franca for testing. When every testing tool can create TAP, a team can get a holistic view of their system. Python did not have a bridge from unittest to TAP so it was difficult to integrate a Python test suite into a larger TAP ecosystem.

tappy is Python's bridge to TAP.

TAP streaming demo


  1. Provide TAP Producers which translate Python's unittest into TAP.
  2. Provide a TAP Consumer which reads TAP and provides a programmatic API in Python or generates summary results.
  3. Provide a command line interface for reading TAP.


  • TAPTestRunner - This subclass of unittest.TextTestRunner provides all the functionality of TextTestRunner and generates TAP files.
  • tappy for nose - nose-tap provides a plugin for the nose testing tool.
  • tappy for pytest - pytest-tap provides a plugin for the pytest testing tool.


  • tappy - A command line tool for processing TAP files.
  • Loader and Parser - Python APIs for handling of TAP files and data.


The project welcomes contributions of all kinds. Check out the contributing guidelines for tips on how to get started.


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