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Issue tracker and relevant tools for CPython's workflow Python Zulip chat

cherry_picker 🐍 🍒

Utility script for backporting/cherry-picking CPython changes from master into one of the maintenance branches. See the cherry_picker directory for more details.


Interactive utility for writing CPython Misc/NEWS.d entries. See the blurb directory for more details.

Other core workflow tools

Name Description Issue tracker Owner/Maintainer
python/bedevere A bot to help identify missing information for CPython pull requests. GitHub Brett Cannon
python/miss-islington A bot for backporting CPython pull requests. GitHub Mariatta
python/the-knights-who-say-ni CLA enforcement bot for Python organization projects. GitHub Brett Cannon
berkerpeksag/cpython-emailer-webhook A webhook to send every CPython commit to python-checkins mailing list. GitHub Berker Peksag
berkerpeksag/cpython-bpo-linkify An extension that finds bpo-NNNN annonations and converts them to links. GitHub Berker Peksag