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Hungarian Translation of the Python Documentation

Documentation Contribution Agreement

NOTE REGARDING THE LICENSE FOR TRANSLATIONS: Python's documentation is maintained using a global network of volunteers. By posting this project on Transifex, Github, and other public places, and inviting you to participate, we are proposing an agreement that you will provide your improvements to Python's documentation or the translation of Python's documentation for the PSF's use under the CC0 license (available at In return, you may publicly claim credit for the portion of the translation you contributed and if your translation is accepted by the PSF, you may (but are not required to) submit a patch including an appropriate annotation in the Misc/ACKS or TRANSLATORS file. Although nothing in this Documentation Contribution Agreement obligates the PSF to incorporate your textual contribution, your participation in the Python community is welcomed and appreciated.

You signify acceptance of this agreement by submitting your work to the PSF for inclusion in the documentation.

Contributing to the Translation

Your help is welcome, you can start with easy tasks like reviewing fuzzy entries to help keeping the documentation up to date. You can also proofread already translated entries, and finally translate untranslated ones.

How to Contribute

You can either contribute on transifex/python-doc/public/, or by simply openning an issue on this repository, or by editing the po files.

To modify those files you first have to fork this project and follow github instructions to clone it.

Next, to edit the files, you can use an editor of your choice, there's many:

  • highly recommended: poedit
  • gted
  • gtranslator
  • lokalize
  • betterpoeditor
  • vim or emacs with an appropriate mode
  • Vé on Android
  • probably many others

Finally, once your contribution is done, do a pull request so we can review and merge it.

What to translate/not translate

  • Prioritize the higher version, identical strings between version can automatically be reused.
  • Do not translate content of :keyword:..., :mod:..., :class:..., :meth:..., :func:..., :ref:...
  • Put english words, if you have to use them, in italics (surrounded by stars).

Where to get help

The coordinator for this translation is gbtami.

Feel free to ask your questions on or on freenode.


The tutorial/ directory has a high priority as translations aim for newcomers, then here are files most read in the original version:

  • library/functions.po
  • library/stdtypes.po
  • library/string.po
  • library/re.po
  • library/datetime.po
  • library/csv.po
  • library/os.po
  • library/random.po
  • library/json.po
  • library/subprocess.po


For consistency in our translations, here are some propositions and reminders for frequent terms you'll have to translate, don't hesitate to open an issue if you disagree.

english hungarian
argument argumentum
attribute (class) attribútum
backslash vissza perjel
buffer puffer
built-in (function) beépített (függvény)
byte bájt
bytearray (type) bytearray
bytes (type) bytes
class osztály
clause ág
control flow statements vezérlő utasítások
data attribute adatattribútum
default alapértelmezett
dictionary szótár
exception kivétel
file fájl
handler (exeption) kezelő
immutable nem módosítható
iterable iterálható
keyword argument kulcsszavas argumentum
library reference A Python standard könyvtárának kézikönyve
list lista
list comprehension listaépítés
method metódus
mutable módosítható
object objektum
package csomag
positional argument hely szerinti argumentum
prompt prompt
raise an exception kivételt vált ki
right-hand side expression jobb oldali kifejezés
scope hatáskör, hatókör
sequence sorozat
sequence unpacking sorozat szétpakolása
set halmaz
shallow copy, deep copy alapszintű másolat, teljes körű másolat
slice notation szeletjelölési mód
string karakterlánc, sztring
string-literal literális karakterlánc
token token
tuple tuple tuple-t, tuple-nek...
Unicode Unicode


Hungarian Translation of the Python Documentation




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