An interactive tool for testing Python GSSAPI programs
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GSSAPI Console

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GSSAPI Console allows provides an easy way to test out Python applications using GSSAPI in a self-contained environment.

By default, the console will set up a self-contained MIT krb5 environment. However, other GSSAPI environments are planned.


  • python-gssapi >= 1.1.0
  • Requirements for the environment used (for example, the default environment is MIT krb5, which uses the k5test)


gssapi-console will not work without first being installed. If you are working from a local checkout, it suffices to do pip install -e . ..


further information is available by running --help

The main executable of GSSAPI Console is The basic invocation works just like launching python -- use FILE to run a file in the established environment, or just run or -i to get an interactive environment (the -i flag can be used with a file, just like python FILE -i).

There are several additional flags that may be passed to

  • --realm-args key1=true,key2=false,... can be used to pass specific arguments to the realm constructor (the set of such keys is driver-dependent)
  • --mech MECH_NAME can be used to specify a different driver (currently, only --mech krb5 will work)
  • -a IDENTIFIER, --attach IDENTIFIER may be used to "attach" a new GSSAPI Console session to an environment set up by an existing GSSAPI Console session. The identifier will be noted at the top of the existing GSSAPI Console session as Session: IDENTIFIER.
  • -v, --verbose may be used to increase the verbosity of the logging level (generally to gain more details on what the driver is doing to set up the realm).

Additional GSSAPI Console drivers may be introduced using the gssapi_console.drivers setuptools entry point. They should follow the gssapi_console.drivers.GSSAPIConsoleDriver class.

GSSAPI Console provides a YALPT environment driver for writing tutorials and literate python files involving GSSAPI. You can use it by passing -e gssapi to YALPT (it will use the default GSSAPI Console driver in this case).