GSSAPI bindings for Python, and related tooling for testing

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  1. python-gssapi

    A Python interface to RFC 2743/2744 (plus common extensions)

    Python 36 20

  2. gssapi-console

    An interactive tool for testing Python GSSAPI programs

    Python 1 1

  3. requests-gssapi

    An authentication handler for using GSSAPI with Python Requests. Drop-in replacement for old requests-kerberos.

    Python 3 5

  4. k5test

    A library for setting up self-contained Kerberos 5 environments (based on code from MIT krb5)

    Python 2 2

  5. urllib-gssapi

    urllib/urllib2 backend for GSSAPI/SPNEGO authentication to HTTP/HTTPS servers

    Python 1 1

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