Python 0 31


forked from gangverk/flask-swagger

A swagger 2.0 spec extractor for flask

Updated Jan 14, 2016

pythonhub website

Updated Feb 19, 2015

Python 9 2


Taz is a full-stack Flask distribution integrated with the common needed extensions such as Security, Login, Email, Celery, Admin and others. Also Taz has a base pattern to extend with modules.

Updated Jun 18, 2014

Python 0 209


forked from lepture/flask-oauthlib

OAuthlib implementation for Flask.

Updated Nov 25, 2013

JavaScript 23 2


web2py blogging app using modules for datamodels instead of model files.

Updated Oct 16, 2013

Python 1 610


forked from flask-admin/flask-admin

Simple and extensible administrative interface framework for Flask

Updated Aug 27, 2013