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My First Radanalytics App - Scala with Scalatra

This application exposes a simple web service that servers (GET) requests that will use Apache Spark to rougly calculate the value of π. This code is based on the Spark PI Example that is distributed with the Spark project. It is a tutorial application to show how to get started using Scala with the Radanalytics platform, and is intended to be deployed to Openshift.

In addition to demonstrating how to deploy a simple Scala microservice to Openshift, it also contains examples of how to unit test Spark jobs using the Spark Testing Base project.

Quick start

It is a prerequesite that you have an Openshift cluster running and are logged in with the oc command line tool.

  1. Setup the project and import the Radanalytics resources

    oc new-project oshinko
    oc create -f
    oc new-app oshinko-webui
  2. Create an Apache Spark Cluster

    • Go to the Oshinko WebUI you installed on Openshift. From the Oshinko console, choose 'Deploy' and create an Apache Spark cluster named 'spark'
  3. Deploy the Application

    oc new-app --template oshinko-scala-spark-build-dc \
     -p APPLICATION_NAME=tutorial-sparkpi-scala-scalatra \
     -p GIT_URI= \
     -p APP_MAIN_CLASS=io.radanalytics.examples.scalatra.sparkpi.Main \
     -p APP_FILE=tutorial-sparkpi-scala-scalatra-assembly-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar \
     -p SBT_ARGS="clean assembly" \
     -p APP_ARGS="-Xms1024M, -Xmx2048M, -XX:MaxMetaspace=1024M" \
     -p OSHINKO_CLUSTER_NAME="spark"
  4. Expose the Route

    oc expose svc/tutorial-sparkpi-scala-scalatra
  5. Check that the service is running and can perform calculations

    URL="http://$(oc get route tutorial-sparkpi-scala-scalatra | grep tutorial-sparkpi-scala-scalatra | awk '{print $2}')/sparkpi"
    curl $URL


SparkPI Implemented on the Scalatra framework.







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