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paint 3D ivy in the Unity Editor, simulate growth in real-time*

* real-time mesh gen might be slow on old computers / GPUs

  • cover your 3D world in ivy
  • includes textures, shaders, and 5 presets for painting realistic ivy, cartoon ivy, or even ropes and cables
  • curious about vert count / polycount? download sample ivy .OBJ (right-click Save As)
    • merge multiple ivy meshes to save draw calls, or just let static batching work
    • randomize vertex colors for subtle color variation, auto-unwrap ivy UV2s for lightmapping
    • store ivy meshes directly in your project, or export to .OBJ
  • 25+ different ivy settings to tweak for your own presets! guide and user documentation is on the Wiki
  • tested on Unity 5.6.7f1 and 2019.1.8 (but probably works ok on other Unity versions too)



  • please post bug reports or (small) feature requests as an Issue
  • Pull Requests are welcome and encouraged


GPL2 (due to original author's use of GPL2)

  • You can use the ivy assets / generated meshes and results, with any or no license, in commercial or closed source projects. GPL2 focuses on the code, and does not apply to program output.
  • All code is editor-only and stripped upon build, which (I think) avoids GPL2's wrath. This code basically won't be in your build, which means you aren't distributing it.
  • If you use this code / tool in your own tool AND distribute that tool, then your tool must use GPL2. Note that Unity Asset Store bans licenses like GPL, so no part of this tool can ever be put on the Asset Store.
  • (but I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, etc.)