Tiny great looking statusline for Vim.
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A tiny fast statusline for vim. Easy to hack and great for learning Vim's statusline.


An active statusline: tinyline active screenshot

An in-active statusline: tinyline inactive screenshot


  • Tiny. ~150LoC
  • Super filepath: Limits number of directories and characters
  • Branch name, using Fugitive
  • Detects ChooseWin active, and Fugitive's blobs
  • Fast! Caches the filepath per buffer
  • Easy to hack and change


Use your favorite plugin manager to add 'rafi/vim-tinyline' to your .vimrc.



Put any of the following options into your ~/.vimrc in order to overwrite the default behaviour.

Option Default Description
let g:tinyline_max_dirs = 2 3 Limit number of shown directories in path
let g:tinyline_max_dir_chars = 4 3 Limit characters in each directory name

Credits & Contribution

This plugin was developed by Rafael Bodill under the MIT License. Pull requests are very welcome.