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@rakanalh rakanalh released this May 23, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release


Raiden v0.100.3 is a mostly bug-fixing release containing a considerable number of bug fixes since the 0.100.2 (Pluto) release. In addition, this release contains improvements on the integration with Raiden services and third party services.


Instructions on how to install and fire up a Raiden client.


  • #4043 Update raiden-contracts to 0.19.0 with Görli Testnet support
  • #3697 Make sure a token implements the ERC20 interface when registering a new token network. In this case, totalSupply function existence is implemented
  • #3467 Raiden now chooses a PFS from a provided registry. Also added a new argument --routing-mode to configure the routing mode to either be PFS or BASIC.
  • #3464 Raiden will warn users about insufficient user deposit funds (If monitoring service or path-finding service are enabled and used).
  • #3462 Static Monitoring service reward through user deposits contract. Only usable if Raiden is run in development environment
  • #3461 Static PFS payment for provided routes through the user deposits contract. Only usable if Raiden is run in development environment
  • #3425 Update raiden-contracts package to version 0.9.0
  • #3318 allow secret and/or hash with payment request
  • #2436 Add an API endpoint to list pending transfers

Bug Fixes

  • #4024 Fix clearing a channel state iff all unlocks are done by channel participants
  • #3874 Fix invalidation of a batch-unlock transaction in case a similar transaction was already sent/mined by channel partner
  • #3856 Handle pruned blocks during settle/unlock when requesting on-chain state, use latest if block is pruned
  • #3832 Fix Raiden startup when a previous run aborted during migrations
  • #3687 Fix startup initialization issue which caused Raiden to crash on private chains
  • #3567 Resolve an issue in route filtering where the partner's network state is taken into account when choosing a route
  • #3566 Handle cases where Raiden tries to query blocks which are old and pruned by the blockchain client (Geth & Parity)
  • #3558 Raiden will no longer crash if starting with a fresh DB due to the ethereum node queries timing out.
  • #3567 Properly check handling offline partners
  • #3475 Properly check async_result in rest api payments
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