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v0.5.0 - Tanacetum

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@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this 10 Aug 20:05
· 7445 commits to master since this release


This is the latest weekly testnet release in preparation for the Red Eyes mainnet release. This is a compatibility breaking release which alters the database format and uses newly redeployed smart contracts. If you used any of the earlier testner releases, you will have to remove your local database by doing rm -rf ~/.raiden. All token networks must be re-registered.

New Features

  • #2090: Rename transfers to payments in the webui.
  • #682 Store a Snapshot of the WAL state as recovery optimization.
  • #1949 Add an endpoint to query the payment history.
  • #2084 Rename the /transfers/ endpoint to /payments/.
  • #1998 Add a strategy to make sure that the account Raiden runs on always has enough balance to settle all channels. No new channels can be openend when no sufficient balance for the whole channel lifecycle is available.
  • #1950 Breaking change: Better transaction handling on restart. This change breaks binary compatibility with the previous WAL.

Bug Fixes

  • #2149 Don't crash if reusing same payment identifier for a payment
  • #2125 Show proper error message for invalid tokens on /connections.
  • #2027 Raiden should now be able to connect to infura