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This ERB code:

"<b>Foobar</b>".html_safe + "<b>foo</b>

Becomes this HTML:


But this ERB code:

<%= "<b>Foobar</b> %s".html_safe % "<b>foo</b>" %>

Becomes this HTML:

&lt;b&gt;Foobar&lt;/b&gt; &lt;b&gt;foo&lt;/b&gt;

In the second case, I would expect only <b>foo</b> to be escaped, but instead both strings are escaped.

Is there any deep reason for this or is it just on omission?


In my mind % should escape its arguments if those aren't .html_safe, then do the traditional Ruby String interpolation, then mark the result as .html_safe. I am right here?


@jaroslawr what rails version are you using? Because for me (rails 3.2.3)

<%= "<b>Foobar</b> %s".html_safe % "<b>foo</b>" %>


<b>Foobar</b> <b>foo</b>

@nashby Sorry, my bad, I did a stupid thing and tested this with a monkey patch for the original problem I had. I updated the description accordingly.


I thought about this some more and the corner case here seems to be type coercion that the original Ruby implementation of % will do - even when you escape all the string arguments passed to SafeBuffers %, Ruby's % implementation type coercion can still inject unescaped strings into the SafeBuffer and you cannot blindly call to_s on everything passed to % since the format string might require argument of particular type.

It should be possible, though, to split the string in the SafeBuffer so that the interpolations ("%d", "%s") are separated from other text. Then Ruby's % implementation could be used to do type coercion and conversion to a string, this string could be escaped and glued back together with the normal text. So, if I have for example

"Something: %s, something else: %.2f" % [, 1.2]

The process would be the following:

  • The string would be split into an array: ["Something: ", "%s", ", something else: ", "%.2f"]

  • The percent-strings would be interpolated and escaped (only in case the result is not .html_safe?), so the array would look like the result of:

["Something: ", ERB::Util.html_escape("%s" %, ", something else: ", ERB::Util.html_escape("%.2f" % 1.2)]
  • The array would be joined back together into a single string.

Thanks for the fix, but I think there is a small problem with the implementation, it modifies the array passed as an argument:

irb(main):001:0> "foo".html_safe
=> "foo"
irb(main):002:0> x = ["<p>", "<b>", "<h1>"]
=> ["<p>", "<b>", "<h1>"]
irb(main):003:0> "%s %s %s".html_safe % x
=> "&lt;p&gt; &lt;b&gt; &lt;h1&gt;"
irb(main):004:0> y
=> ["&lt;p&gt;", "&lt;b&gt;", "&lt;h1&gt;"]

Nice catch. I'll fix it tonight!




@jaroslawr it was fixed on master. Thanks again.

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