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force_ssl seems to drop optional path segments when redirecting to https #7528

brandonweiss opened this Issue Sep 5, 2012 · 6 comments

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I have a route:

constraints subdomain: "images" do
  match "/:id(/:geometry)" => "images#show"

And a controller:

class ImagesController < ActionController::Base

  force_ssl if Rails.env.production?

  def show
    # ...


If I go to:
I get redirected to:

Ruby on Rails member

Which Rails version are you testing against? Make sure you test with latest 3.2 version available. Thanks.


Yep, this was 3.2.8.

kennyj commented Sep 6, 2012

I can reproduce this.
And I guess force_ssl is not related to the cause of problem, because when calling only redirect_to() (without force_ssl), this issue also can be reproduced.

It seems that a return value of Journey::Formatter#generate is not correct when using optional path segments.

@tenderlove tenderlove was assigned Oct 27, 2012
JonRowe commented Mar 29, 2013

Is this still an active issue? Has anyone tried to reproduce on 3.2.13? Do you have a test @brandonweiss?


No idea, I just worked around the issue at the time. I don't actively use Rails any more (switched to Sinatra or Grape) so I'm passing on writing the test. It's kind of obscure; I'd probably just close it and wait for someone to reopen it if they encounter the issue.

Ruby on Rails member

Sounds like a plan.

@pixeltrix pixeltrix reopened this Apr 25, 2013
@pixeltrix pixeltrix was assigned Apr 25, 2013
@pixeltrix pixeltrix added a commit that closed this issue Apr 25, 2013
@pixeltrix pixeltrix Use `request.fullpath` to build redirect url in `force_ssl`
The `force_ssl` command now builds the redirect url from `request.fullpath`.
This ensures that the format is maintained and it doesn't redirect to a route
that has the same parameters but is defined earlier in `routes.rb`. Also any
optional segments are maintained.

Fixes #7528.
Fixes #9061.
Fixes #10305.
@pixeltrix pixeltrix closed this in 8227bf7 Apr 25, 2013
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