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There are a lot of different ways to organize a workshop, but if you've got the Minimum Viable Workshop, you'll have a great time. There are way more people in the world who are excited to teach and learn Rails and Ruby than you know.

The Workshop Planning Timeline is a good place to start; it's divided into sections before, during, and after the workshop. There are a lot of individual tasks, so we recommend organizing in a team.

The Finding space, sponsors, volunteers, and students section is a little bit lighter than we'd like it to be, but since this cookbook's main authors are in San Francisco, most of the up-front work of finding those things is taken care of by the SF meta-organizers. So if you are a non-SF organizer, please help us beef up that section with your suggestions!

We have a lot of past organizers who can help you figure out what to do. Email and we'll introduce you to an organizing mentor!

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