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Want to plan a RailsBridge workshop? :smile: AWESOME! :smile:

There are a lot of different ways to organize a workshop, so we've written down some of the ways that have worked for us in the past. These are suggestions, many of which are meant specifically to help with planning large events, so many of them won't apply to smaller workshops.

Planning the first workshop in a new place? Or a workshop with <20 students?

You should check out the Minimum Viable Workshop. A lot of the detail we go into in the Workshop Planning Timeline is for much larger events, which doesn't apply to you! :+1:

Planning a big workshop?

If you are planning a big workshop (40-100+ students), you'll probably need to do more prep work around volunteer recruitment :ok_woman:, check-ins :heavy_check_mark:, food :pizza:, and communicating with students and volunteers :email:. We have a lot of suggestions for making large workshop run smooth-ish, but they are just suggestions and not required to throw a workshop of any size.

The Workshop Planning Timeline is a good place to start; it's divided into sections before, during, and after the workshop. There are a lot of individual tasks, so we recommend organizing in a team.

Need help figuring out how to fund a workshop?

Check out the Money Things page to see how we can help!

Help us make this better! :dancers:

This cookbook was originally written for people organizing workshops in San Francisco, so there are some places where we incorrectly assume where you are planning a workshop. Please help us by updating those sections, or leaving comments like (SF-only) if there are places where we say things that are only applicable in SF.

Poster with text "Always leave a place better than you found it"

Seriously, it would be great if you edited this wiki to make it better! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Help us help you :heart:

We have a lot of past organizers who can help you figure out what to do. Email and we'll introduce you to an organizing mentor!

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