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OpenFaaS Twitter URL good first issues

This is a openfaas function, deployed on openfaas-cloud running on Kubernetes, listening to webhook events from goodfirstissue github app which configures a webhook for listening to issues github-event.

It tweets the link to issue through @goodfirstissue twitter handle if:

  • The issue has good first issue or good-first-issue label AND
  • if action is one of opened, reopened, labeled or unassigned.

The target audience (or followers) for this twitter account are users who are looking forward for starting their journey in open source contributions and target audience for this app are github users/org who encourage first time contributors to make contributions to their repo(s).

How to Install

  • Go to
  • Click on Configure
  • Select the User/Org which owns the repo where you plan to install this app.
  • Confirm Password (required by github). App don't get access to this password.
  • Refer that only read access is required to issues and metadata.
  • From Repository Access box, select the repositories where you want to enable it. You can enable for all or only selected repositories.
  • Click Save and you are all set.

Permissions required

The github app needs read access to issues and metadata of the repository. Refer to the screenshot below:


Current users

Orgs/Users who have enabled goodfirstissue for atleast one repository (generated using github-app-installations)



Many thanks to Alex Ellis for helping me write, build and deploy this openfaas-function to openfaas-cloud.


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