Rapid Web Git Deployment system
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Rapid Web Git Deployment system

The Rapid Web Git Deployment system allows you to deploy a website / web application to your development, testing or live server(s) with a simple git push to a specific branch.


  • Integration with GitHub and GitLab push webhooks
  • Dependency installation is done in a temporary location before syncronising with the deployment directory
  • Installation/updating of backend components using composer
  • Installation/updating of frontend modules using npm
  • Automated running of gulp tasks
  • Changing of *nix file and directory permissions


The server that you wish to deploy to must meet the following software requirements.

  • Any modern Linux distribution (maybe OSX, but this is untested)
  • git
  • rsync
  • PHP (>=5.3)
    • Must be configured to be able to run system commands via exec()

Optional extras

If the project you wish to deploy makes use of any of the following, you will need to ensure this software is setup server-side.

  • composer
  • npm
  • gulp