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Using raylib in VSCode

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VSCode is an excellent choice of code editor when it comes to raylib. Getting set up with a new VSCode project is easy.

Step 1

Copy the VSCode folder (and all its contents) from raylib/projects/VSCode (from your installed directory) to your desired project location. These files can also be found here..

Note: You can use this Zip Tool to download only the VSCode folder as a zip.

Step 2

Make sure you set the proper paths to your local build of raylib in c_cpp_properties.json and tasks.json. These will be specific to your installation of raylib.

in c_cpp_properties.json make sure "includePath": [ "C:/raylib/raylib/src/**", "${workspaceFolder}/**" ],

"compilerPath": "C:/raylib/mingw/bin/gcc.exe", in some cases it's mingw32 instead of mingw (which comes with installer v2.0). Check your folder to see which one you have. In tasks.json also you have to make this change for compile to occur.

Step 3

Install the "C/C++" VSCode extension. (From Menu - File > Preferences > Extensions)

Step 4

Try launching by using the "Debug" launch configuration in the Debug tab.


You can Build the game using View > Command Palette (or Ctrl + Shift + P), Type Run Task and press Enter. And Select the Build Debug option. An game executable will be created in the project folder. You can see any error in the console

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