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                      LAME 3.xx
               LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder
	             May 2011

Originally developed by Mike Cheng ( and was
latter developed by Mark Taylor ( Currently maintained
by The LAME Project.

This code is distributed under the GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
(LGPL, see, version 2.

As LAME may contain software for which some companies may claim software
patents, if you are in a location where software patents are recognized, it is
suggested that you seek legal advice before deploying and/or redistributing

In particular, it is suggested to visit

if it applies to your jurisdiction.


see the file "INSTALL" for installation (compiling) instructions.
see the file "USAGE" for the most up-to-date guide to the command line options.
see the file "LICENSE" for details on how to use LAME in non-GPL programs.
see the file "HACKING" if you are interested in working on LAME
see the file "API" for details of the LAME encoding library API

There is HTML documentation and a man page in the doc directory.


LAME uses the MPGLIB decoding engine, from the MPG123 package, written
by: Michael Hipp ( MPGLIB is released under the GPL.

Copyrights (c) 1999-2011 by The LAME Project
Copyrights (c) 1999,2000,2001 by Mark Taylor
Copyrights (c) 1998 by Michael Cheng
Copyrights (c) 1995,1996,1997 by Michael Hipp: mpglib

As well as additional copyrights as documented in the source code.